Commercial Upholstery

Commercial Services
by C & J Upholstery & Furniture in Roanoke, VA

Bring Out the Best Quality and Comfort in Your Business Furniture

Transform your business venue into a place as cozy as home with our commercial upholstery and refinishing services. We apply our expertise in repair and upholstery toward any necessity for office and business use. Our services can apply for venues like office desk seating, restaurants/banquettes, waiting rooms, and more. Our upholstery skills cover seating for benches, booth seats, barstools, and other specialized options depending on your needs.

C & J Upholstery Can Coordinate a Consistent Company Image

Our upholstery fabric stock is ideal for commercial use, especially for comfort, cleaning, and coordination. We can make sure that your venue is uniform and aligns with your company’s aesthetic with our large quantity and selection of fabrics. C & J Upholstery can refinish any item to match the look you desire when tailoring your furnishings to suit your business. We offer our repair, wood stain, and restoration services to our commercial clients as well. Outdoor upholstery services are also available for outdoor seating or specialized use.

See Our Quality Commercial Upholstery and Repairs for Yourself

Transform your business location with C & J Upholstery’s repair skills. Visit our Home page and Gallery page to view photos of our work.

Upholstery Services for Facilities, Gyms, and Business Venues

We extend our commercial services to different kinds of facilities, such as sleeping mats for medical or other purposes. We also work with upholstery and repairs for gyms. If you want to know if we can work with your business venue, stop in store or call for an inquiry.

For a free office estimate, please contact us by phone at (540) 343-9433 or visit us at our store in Roanoke, VA. We offer the best prices in the area, and we also provide free pickup and delivery with your service.