Upholstery Services
for Home, Business & Auto in Roanoke, VA

Trust the Experience of C & J Upholstery for Quality Results

C & J Upholstery & Furniture has a variety of upholstery, furniture restorations, and related services under one shop. We have the experience and finesse to perform any need to perfect and redesign your home furnishings to your preference and taste. We combine our traditional craftsmanship with the latest in equipment and manufacturing methods to keep the integrity and composition of our pieces at a high standard. We only use the finest materials and components, meaning there is no compromise between beauty and structure in the finished product.

Upholstery Services with the Tradition of Quality Performance

Donald Cabbler and Robert Johnson started C & J Upholstery back in 1989, and they provided quality services for the Roanoke Valley area for over twenty years. After Cabbler passed away, Johnson continued the business and the long tradition of furniture repairs and excellent work for residential and commercial upholstery

Going on thirty years of experience, we are happy to offer a variety of upholstery and furniture restoration services to our customers, including options for commercial usage as well as auto upholstery. Most customers have come to us by recommendation and word of mouth, and we have increased our rapport throughout the years. C & J Upholstery is growing as a provider while maintaining our tried and true techniques to refurbish your pieces in the best way possible. Upholstery is our pride and main service, but we also specialize in other furniture restoration services like wood staining and reinforcing. We expanded our expertise to cover automobile upholstery and renewal.

We thank God for allowing us to continue providing services to all of our customers.

We invite you to check our service pages for more information about the variety of options we can provide.

Repairs for Upholstery Using the Finest Fabrics to Last for Years

We offer a variety of fabrics for upholstery in stock, and we are always a believer in trying before you buy. After all, you are the only one who knows your wishes for design and comfort, and you want your furniture to give you enjoyment and satisfaction for years to come.

Please keep in mind that choosing a material from another source, such as a website or brochure, does not allow you to feel or see the product for yourself before purchasing. In these situations, we are not responsible for fabrics that you buy outside of our stock. You can have confidence in our expertise and fabrics we recommend.

Custom Sofas Starting at $900

To see examples of our work, visit the gallery of our finest projects, including before-and-after images to see impressive examples of the upholstery and restoration work we do at C & J Upholstery & Furniture.

Estimates on Your Pieces with No Risk

C & J Upholstery provides free estimates for all our in-home and commercial services. We provide free delivery and pick up of your items if you choose our business for your needs.